Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Recycled Plastic Bags Crochet Products

So sorry for not posting sooner regarding basic crocheting. I need to learn first the craft before I can share it. Here are the finished products I made while learning.

Red and pink bangles for my niece. I got inspired by the Arabians who love to wear them in gold though not made in plastics bags. ; )

Pink Adult earrings. The same crochet style I used with the bangles above.

This crochet buff was a gift by a Sri Lankan friend. Before she resigned from work in Saudi Arabia she gave it as memento. It is where I copied the design of flowers I made as shown below.

Colorful Necklace with interchangeable flowers.

Bracelet with interchangeable flowers too.

I never thought I can crochet accessories out of recycled plastic bags these colorful and beautiful, too.

Recycling is really Cool! =)

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